Marine Bilogist, Diver and Wildlife Photographer

Blue Bijou

1995 Volkswagen LT31

When we thought about selling Maggie, we thought long and hard about what we wanted from our next van. There was something about the look of the LT that kept bringing us back and the inside was spacious, without being too much of a nuisance for parking. Bijou was an amazing find for us, despite her age, she only had around 48,000 miles on her clock. Bought in October 2016, she's taken us a long time to convert but as they say, you cant rush perfection. 

Raindance Maggie

2002 Ford Transit Mk6

We bought Maggie back in June 2016. Previously a builders van, she'd been beat up substantially and needed some serious TLC. After spending a solid two months converting her, we took her to mainland Europe for her first adventure. Traveling 5,000 miles through France, Spain and Portugal she passed our test as a home on wheels. While we loved her, we felt that we wanted something a little bigger for both us and Argo. We sold her to Cristina and Matthew @happy_wanderes, who've since taken her even further across Europe.